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Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic Riveting Machine

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The motor transfers power to the spindle through a coupling, and the hydraulic system drives the pistons down the spindle. When the riveting head contacts the rivet, the riveting head rotates around the center line of the rivet. At the same time, the riveting head rotates under the action of tangential force.

The eccentric riveting method makes the deformation of the rivet conform to the natural deformation law of the metal. After riveting, the rivet almost has no bending, thick and other phenomena, and the parts connected with the rivet also has no deformation.

Motor380 V
Spindle stroke40 mm
RivetSolid:3-12, Hollow:3-25
table size150*240 mm
Time to adjust0-10 s
Pressure of using20-70kg/cm²
Maximum pressure800-2800 kg/cm²
Maximum rivet length230 mm
Weight350 kg
The motor speed1400 HZ RPM
Throat deepth195mm


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