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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine

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The machine tool can grind various planes and complex forming surfaces. The longitudinal direction of the worktable is hydraulically driven, and the front and back electronically controlled stepping drives.
The main shaft adopts high-precision grouped rolling bearings, which are assembled in a greenhouse after strict measurement and selection of preload, and are equipped with a fully waterproof labyrinth design to ensure the service life of the bearing and the surface roughness of the grinding.
The horizontal use of double V-shaped guide rails is more important and stable. Special resin Teflon slides are pasted on the surfaces of the front, rear, left and right slides.
The column guide rail adopts a large-span moment guide rail with good rigidity.
The main mechanical valve of the system is a special valve for the grinder, which is divided into two parts: mechanical reversing control and throttling speed control. The throttling part also has an unloading function, which can realize the start and stop of the workbench.

Surface grinder is a kind of grinder. The grinding wheel is mainly used to rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the worktable, it can be divided into rectangular worktable and round worktable. The main parameters of the rectangular worktable surface grinder are the width and length of the worktable. The main parameter of the shaped worktable is the diameter of the worktable. According to different shaft types, it can be divided into horizontal shaft and vertical shaft grinder.

Work tabletable size(W*L)mm400*800
Max travle(W*L*H)mm420*850*420
Maximum longitudinal stroke of worktablemm850
T-slot of worktable (number of slots * width of slot)mm3*14
Grinding headThe maximum distance from the center line of the grinding wheel shaft to the working tablemm520
Vertical feed handwheel feedEvery turn of the handwheelmm1.25
Handwheel per gridmm0.01
Horizontal feed handwheel feedEvery turn of the handwheelmm2.5
Handwheel per gridmm0.02
Feed per feedMaxmm0.07
Hydraulic systemSpindle motorKW5.0
Fuel tank capacityL80
Wheel shaft speedr/min1440
Grinding wheel size (outer diameter*width*inner diameter)mm⊙300*25*⊙75
AccuraacyThe parallelism of the machined surface to the base surfacemm300::0.005
Surface roughnessumRa0.63
WeightNet weightkg2000
Gross weightkg2150


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