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Tapered Head Wire Rope Melting & Cutting Machine


  • Specification


The machine is special designed for tapered head wire rope cutting with melting device. The cutting end will be tight with cone shape.

Configuration and performance 

Model: WT-500

Feeding device: step motor control; Load capacity(500kg); max speed(450r/min)

Wire feeding device included as standard configuration.

Melting device: electric resistance welding, work current adjusted by controller.

The melting section is conical, the largest circular surface diameter of the conical surface is smaller than the diameter of the wire rope, the melting section is not scattered, the length of the cone and the flat head are freely adjusted.

The cutting length size can be adjusted on the touch screen by the Total Lengthdisplay box, pop-up digital setting keyboard, and the length can be set arbitrarily.

The clamping system and drawing system is driven by pneumatic device.

The machine is whole controlled by the PLC system with touch screen.

Power system:             220V/ 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase

Pressure air source:    0.4-0.6MPa pressure air supply.

Cable diameter:           2.0-5.0mm

Length:                        170mm- 30m

Length tolerance:        ±2(per 1mm)

Machine size:              80x70x150cm