Pure spiral flexible aluminum foil duct forming machine send from bobo to Saudi Arabia

Time:2019-11-22 Comment:

 The pure aluminum flexible duct forming machine is mainly used to produce the flexible air duct from aluminum strip by spiral lock forming process. The suitable material cab be aluminum foil or stainless steel strip, both single and doube layer will be ok.


Feature of pure aluminum flexible duct forming machine   

  • Automatic forming, cutting and compressing process controlled by PLC.
  • Suitable material for both aluminum foil and stainless steel strip.
  • Double layer aluminum foil will be available by our speical design


Main Technical data of pure aluminum flexible duct forming machine    

 1  Duct Diameter  80-300mm (up to 450mm)
 2 Duct length  Unlimited
 3 Aluminum strip size

0.05-0.15mm thick

40-55mm wide 

 4 Forming speed  1-5m/min 
 5  Main motor power  0.75-1.50KW
 6  Dimension 1200 x 550 x 1200 mm 
 7  Weight

50 KG