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Package Foam Pouring Machine



Payment: 30% down payment by T/T,the balance down before shipment.

Lead time: witin 10-35 days after receiving down payment.

Guarantee: within one year since date of B/L.



  • Specification

The package foam pouring machine is the new design for site work. It is consisit from pneumatic system, hydraulic transportation system, electric heating system and computer multi-function control system.


1- Control box

2- Temperature controller

3- Time relay

4- Pressure gauge

5- Pressure adjust valve

6- Injecting/spraying transfer switch

7- Air supply switch

8- Power supply switch

9- Signal lamp

10- Kit box

11- 8:3 pump head

12- Decompress valve

13- Block

14- Liquid pump

15- Transportation hose

16- Filter net

17- Cylinder

18- Raw material feeding switch

19- Injecting nozzle

20- Injecting filter net screw

21- Injecting switch

Main Technical Data

3.1Power supply: 220V 50HZ less than 2.5kw

3.2 Air supply: 0.7-0.8 kg/cm3, 0.35m3/min

3.3 Flux: 3-4.5kg/min

3.4 Hydraulic pressure: 1.2-2.3 MPa

3.5 Temperature adjustment: 0-99℃ for A/B raw material

3.6 Timing range: 0.01-99.99 second

3.7 Weight: 80kg


4.1 Equipped with 6.15m long inside-heating hose [can be enlarged]

4.2 Easy control panel, easy to install and operate

4.3 The injecting head with smart volume, new configuration and light weight.

4.4 With auto-checking system, auto alarm, and creepage protection, to ensure safe work

4.5 Equipped with injecting head heating system, to save raw material and work time

4.6 Preset the injecting time in advance, and quick to transfer to manual mode.

4.7 Full automatic operation, auto cleaning, no jam in hose.