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  • Specification

Where space limitations prevent the use of round spiral duct, Oval tube is the answer. Our oval tube former will satisfy most Ductwork requirements in the Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning industry. It will adjust to a variety of Round Duct sizes between 18”(450mm) and 60”(1500mm) diameter into Flat-Oval Ductwork.


I Main advantages of oval tube 

Better air flow

Lighter weight

Easier to install

Longer length between joints

Very good lock seam, without leakage

Fewer hangers

Joints easier to seal

Often requires less space

Aesthetically pleasing

Fewer or no joints

In same acreage, girth of rectangular is about 20% more than that of oval, e.g., rectangular needs more materials and so the cost is higher.


II Main technical data                                                    

2.1 Max sheet thickness: 1.5mm

2.2 Max. tube length: 2.5m

2.3 Diameter of round duct: 330mm~1500mm

2.4 Sizes of flat oval: max. width 2550mm,

                 Max. height 900mm

2.5 Power: 7.5kw/380V

2.6 Dimension: 5.8m x 1.3m x 1.3m


VI Guarantee: one year since the date of B/L.