New design For Copper And Aluminum Pipe Tube Cutting Machine Steel Metal for Refrigeration Equipment send to Vietnam

Time:2020-12-18 Comment:

PLC Automatic Copper Tube Aluminum Pipe steel bar wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Compare to normal design with two-half clamping die, we design the clamping die in three parts according to lathe chuck structure, which can minimize the tube distortion during cutting, and the clamping die changing / adjustment will be more easier.


1) Three-part clamping die to minimize tube distortion, get smooth cutting end surface.
2) High accuracy concentricity ensures to get good welding quality in following process.
3) Chipless cutting with 360° rotary cutting and stretching with two points clamping.
4) Straightening wheel Nylon and "U" shape rubber belt to avoid scratch on tube surface

The electric parts brand MITSUBISHI, Schneider.