Metal flexible hose machine- interlock profile flexible conduit send to Brazil

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Product Description

The Metal flexible conduit forming machine is used to produce flexible hose from metal strip by spiral lock forming, and the finished flexible hose is mainly used for cable casing, electric hose and shower hose, etc. The metal strip can be stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, etc. 


Corrugated Metal Flexible Conduit Hose Making Machine


Feature of Metal flexible conduit forming machine

  • Single or double lock profile for different application
  • The flexibility is adjustable by change lock seaming
  • Automatic lubrication and cooling water recycling system
  • Adjustable lock forming roller for different thickness
  • Speed control by inveter to match forming and collecting speed

 Corrugated Metal Flexible Conduit Hose Making Machine



Main technical data of Metal flexible conduit forming machine



1 Diameter Range

10-100mm (enlarge to 200mm)

2 Strip width 9.5-25.5mm
3 Strip thickness 0.2-1.0mm
4 Forming speed about 2m/min
5 Motor power 2.2- 4.0 KW x 2
6 Dimension

1200 x 1200 x 1450mm

(base on machine size)

7 Weight 800-1200KG


 Corrugated Metal Flexible Conduit Hose Making MachineCorrugated Metal Flexible Conduit Hose Making Machine