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Hydraulic Polyurea / Pu Spraying Machine



Payment: 30% down payment by T/T,the balance down before shipment.

Lead time: witin 10-35 days after receiving down payment.

Guarantee: within one year since date of B/L.


  • Specification

The hydraulic polyurea / pu spraying machine BDF-V is specially designed for polyurea elastomer product, which is widely used for wall, roof, refrigerator, tank body, pipeline protection coat for abrasive surface, waterproof, antiseptic purpose. The machine has accurate measuring, even mixing, portable and high performance advantage, especially suitable for sitework


1- Horizontal-opposed both way proportioning pump adopt coaxial type design, to avoid the

pressure discrepancy because of gravity. All the pump system equipped with pressure

overload protection switch for emergency stop.

2- The main machine heating system adopt independent all-aluminum heater, equipped with 8

pieces of high capacity heating bar for more powerful heating capacity, especially suitable for

low temperature work in winter. The temperature controller equipped with display,

measuring and over-heat protection device.

3- Self-cleaning system

The solvent tank installed on material A side, with continuous cleaning on measuring pump

seal to avoid Isocyanate crystallization on bearing. The machine part life can be lengthen with

less abrasion, also easy for maintenance.

4- Pressure compensation

To ensure the stable work pressure, we install the pressure compensation device inside

hydraulic pump to get better mixing result.

5- Hydraulic drive system

The hydraulic system equipped with imported motor, pump as key parts. The additional

radiator system is equipped to avoid the performance fault because of high oil temperature.


Model BDF-V

Max. Flow capacity 2-8kg/min

Mixing ratio 1:1, fixed ratio

Material viscosity range 200-1000CPS (Operation temperature)

Max. System pressure 25MPa

Single material output press Max.26MPa

Hydraulic pressure 8-12MPa (for working)

Material heating capacity 9000W X 2

Hose heating capacity 3200W

Max. Hose length 90M

Electric system 38A x 3 + 16A -380V 3Phase

Driven system Full-hydraulic

Cleaning system Pneumatic cleaning

Dimension 1100x700x1400mm