HVAC duct spiral flexible aluminum making manufacture machine send to Ukraine

Time:2019-09-29 Comment:

The aluminum flexible duct making machine is mainly used to produce the flexible air duct from aluminum strip by spiral forming with polyurethane glue. The material can be plastic film, PVC material also. And the wire reinforcement can be optional for inner core duct and outer jacket duct separately.


Feature of aluminum flexible duct making machine

  • Changeable mould for different diameter from 80mm to 600mm
  • With or withou wire reinforcement for both inner core duct and outer jacket duct.
  • Double layer with aluminum foil, metalized pet fim, PVC tape will be suitable.


Main Technical data of aluminum flexible duct making machine   

 1  Diameter range 80-600mm (customized)
 2 Duct length  Endless
 3 Pure aluminum foil size 

0.025-0.035 x 30-50mm

 4 Forming speed  1-35m/min 
 5  Main motor power  1.5KW
 6  Dimension 2200 x 850 x 1400 mm 
 7  Weight