High pressure PU foam spray foaming machine send to USA

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Product Description

Technical details

BDF-II pneumatic high pressure PU foam spraying machine is design for site-work, with accuracy measuring, even mixing, movable and portable structure and balance of cost and performance. The HP foam spraying machine is widely used for wall, roof, refrigerator, and box, pipe insulation purpose.

Flux Capacity
6-9 Kg/min
Max. Material Temperature
90 Centigrade
Mixing Pressure
Heating Capacity
Max. Heating Hose Length

Main Features

1- Pneumatic motor

The pneumatic motor adopt the latest direction-change for double direction work, has more stable performance compare to electric one, suitable for complicated site-work condition.

2- High precision proportion pump

The proportion pump is made from stainless steel, to reduce the abrasion to seals, lengthen the machine life. Equipped with oil tank for DOP solvent to clean the scrap material.

3- Main machine heating system

The main machine adopt separate aluminum heater, equipped with powerful heating bar for better heating capacity, suitable for low temperature work in winter. The temperature control system with number display, with measuring and overload protection system to control temperature exactly.

4- Hose heating system

The two hose is heated separately with latest wrapped inside heating technology, it is much more better than the traditional one, to ensure the material has best temperature and viscosity before mixing and spraying.

Key Parts

Spray Gun

The GZI series spray gun is the most popular model with 10 years marketing recognition. Which is maintained with low cost for stable performance. More than 20,000 pieces of such spray gun has been used in more than 36 countries with good feedback.

Connecting Hose

The connecting hose is used to connect the heating hose to spray gun, which is made from high pressure rubber hose. With the connection hose, the operation of spray gun will be more light and convenient .

Heating Hose

The heating hose is used to heat the raw material during hose flowing before spraying, which can keep the right temperature to get good foaming result. One sets heating hose including the two hose for Poly and ISO, and the heating wire, control cable inside, will be offered together with machine as standard configuration. The standard length is 15 meter long, which can be extended as per your requirements.

Feeding pump

The spray foam machine doesn't equip the material tank for portable application. So the feeding pumps are necessary to suck up the material from big steel drum for continuous work. All these pump are home make with quality control to ensure the long time stable work.

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