High Pressure Polyurethane Injection Machine Making PU Hospital Bed, Massage mattress, Office Chair Send to Indonesia

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Product Application

This high pressure polyurethane foam injecting machine is mainly which is widely employed in the production of rigid foam like imitation wood furniture, household appliances (refrigerator, freezer, water heater), thermal insulated building materials, automobile interiors and so on.

The machine owns features as high repeat injection precision, even mixing, stable performance, easy operation, high production efficiency, etc

This machine is controlled by PLC, high accuracy, simple operation, convenient maintenance. When pre-set first injection is finished, the alarming relay will give alarms.

Main components

Material system consists of material tank,filter tank, metering pump, material pipe, pouring head, cleaning tank.

1-Material Tank:
Double interlining material heat tank with insulation outer layer, heart rapidly, low energy consumption. Liner, upper and low head all use stainless 304 material, upper head is precision machinery sealing equipped to make sure the air tight agitation.

2-Filter tank:
Material in the tank flow to the filter tank Φ100X200 by discharge valve, flow to the metering pump after filtering. Sealing flat cover on the tank, inner tank with a filter net, tank body with a feeding and discharge port, there is a discharge ball valve below the tank.

3. Metering pump:
High precision CB-B series gear metering pump (pressure-tolerant 4MPa), make sure the metering and ration accurate and stable.

4-Material pipe:
Raw materials are delivered in pipeline to mixing head. A material pipe adopts high strength anticorrosion PTFE hose, which can effectively avoid the chemical reaction with raw material and influence its quality. B material pipe adopts high strength rubber hose, pressure resistant 8MPa.

5-Mixing device (pouring head):
Adopting floating mechanical seal device, high shearing spiral mixing head to make sure the even mixing within required adjusting range of casting mixing ratio.

6-Cleaning Tank:
110 feed inlet flange gland, 1/4" stainless steel ball valve. PTFE tube liquid level gauge, outlet (filter attached) and discharge port on bottom.