Extruded Fin Tube Machine for Heat Exchangers & Coolers send to Peru

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The finned tube machine is a copper tube or a steel tube (also known as a base tube) lined with aluminum pipes of different specifications, which is rolled and composited by the cutters in the unit, and the ribs are extruded at one time, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the heat exchange area. .

Rolling range:

Fin root diameter Φ15-Φ45,

Fin outer diameter Φ15-Φ80,

The film is 0-8,

The length of the finned tube is 0-15 meters.

It is suitable for rolling all kinds of finned tubes such as steel, aluminum, copper, pure aluminum, pure copper and steel. It can also process low-wing threaded tubes, spiral tubes, fluted tubes and corrugated tubes.

Horizontal spindle centerline to work surface distance 345 mm

Work surface distance from the ground: 718 mm

Output shaft speed (adjustable): 80 rpm; 100 rpm;

Blade shaft diameter ф45

Fin outer diameter range: Φ18-Φ70 mm

Small fin root diameter: Φ8 mm or Φ12 mm or Φ15 mm

Fin pitch range: 0-8.00 mm

Fin tube length range: 0-15000 mm

Main motor power (optional): 7.5KW or 15KW

Cooling pump model: DB-25, 120W

Machine weight: 2380 kg

Dimensions (length × width × height) 2550 × 1000 × 1700