Double head tube end chamfering machine send to Saudi Arabia

Time:2021-10-29 Comment:


The machine is a full-automatic air pressure double-head chamfering machine; it can be used for chamfering and shaving at one time for the inner and outer corners of the round tube and round rod end face.



main motor power:  0.75KW/1.1KW (optional)

Work pressure:  MPA6-8KG

Suitable outer diameter: Φ3—Φ30mm

Processing length: 80-305mm

Precision : ±0.1mm 

Processing speed: 3-5 seconds / piece

Applicable material: Steel pipe, iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe, nylon pipe, round bar

Machine dimensions: 1100mm × 1000mm × 1400mm



Double head chamfering machine processing principle:

The working process of the double-head chamfering machine, the double-head chamfering machine consists of the material hopper, the alignment roller and the unloading mechanism, the active mechanism, the steel picking hook, the collecting trough, the grinding head machine, the alignment positioning plate and the pressing device Part of the composition.