CNC 2d Square Stainless Steel Metal Iron Wire Bending and Butt Welding Machine Send to Mexico

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Product Application

Cnc 2d square stainless steel metal iron wire bending and butt welding machine can be used to produce various kinds of welding wire forming etc.

Main Features of Cnc 2d square stainless steel metal iron wire bending and butt welding machine

1. The servo forming bending machine adopts subdivision driver to control the high-precision step motor wire feeding, and themechanical transmission adopts precision gear connection to keep the constant wire feeding accuracy and speed forever;
2. The hydraulic station of shear oil cylinder is equipped with forced air cooling radiator to double the service life of hydraulic system components;
3. The control system is connected with PLC and text display, which is not only convenient to operate, but also ensures the stability of the control system. Moreover, it is designed to control the operation of the whole machine with the function of preset production quantity. By using PLC and text display instead of stepper motor controller, we can modify the ramp up and ramp down curve of stepper motor and the maximum speed of stepper motor as needed, eliminate the impact of mechanical transmission, and absolutely ensure the actual transmission line length is consistent with the theoretical calculation length;
4.In the design budget of servo forming bending machine, every mm length has been divided into 10 pulses to further ensure the length accuracy setting; adjustable hydraulic cylinder cutting can ensure the uniformity of circle incision, and the cutting time and tool withdrawal time can be directly modified on the text display;
5. The servo forming bending machine is designed with the functions of manual slow feeding and slow returning, which is easy to operate and reduces material loss
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