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BO-650 Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine


  • Specification

The structure of this machine is very strong and powerful, is mainly used for rolling various big trapezoidal thread, module threads and high strength standard parts. Suitable for rolling material carbon steel, alloy steel and nonferrous metals with elongation big than 10%, tensile strength is less than 100N/mm2. 


1. Max. thread diameter: Ø120mm

2. Screw pitch: 1-12mm

3. Max. Roller diameter: Ø290mm

4. Max. Roller hole diameter: Ø100mm

5. Max. rollers’ width: 200mm

6. Main spindle tilt angle: ±15°

7. Main spindle RPM: 16/26/38/55/90rmp/min

8. Largest hydraulic pressure: 650KN

9. Spindle transmission power: 22kw

10. Hydraulic transmission power: 7.5kw

11. Cooling power: 0.125kw 

12. Dimension: 2300*2540*2700mm

13. Weight: 6100±50Kg