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Axial Fan Front Disc Spinning Machine



Payment: 30% down payment by T/T,the balance down before shipment.

Lead time: witin 10-35 days after receiving down payment.

Guarantee: within one year since date of B/L.


  • Specification

The multi-function spinning machine is special designed for ventilation fan industry work, mainly used for axial fan housing flanging, inlet throat forming, centrifugal fan front disc and air inlet flow forming work. The spinning machine designed with compact structure, easy for installation. The main structure is composed from variable speed power system, spinning force system, work piece adjusting system and mould. The spinning device includes spinning roller, forming roller, turnover worktable, clamping system and decelerator.

Operation And Feature 

Fix the sheet material on the mould of spinning machine, clamp the work piece above worktable, start the spinning machine rotate the sheet material and mould together, force feeding by roller, to make the sheet material close to the mould to get local deformation point by point. With continuous rotating forming, the deformation extends to all the surface of work piece to get the final product. With rotary spinning, we can save the mould cost for traditional hydraulic press forming, and improve the product quality with less tension, better smooth and high productivity.

Main Technical Data 

Max. Spinning diameter: 3000mm

Max. Spinning thickness: 6mm

Motor power: 6KW

Dimension: 2800x1700x1700mm

Weight: about 2400kg