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Automatic plate vulcanizing press machine



Payment: 30% down payment by T/T,the balance down before shipment.

Lead time: witin 10-35 days after receiving down payment.

Guarantee: within one year since date of B/L.


  • Specification

The equipment consists of a frame, a lower pressure heating plate, a cooling plate, a lower pressure composite cylinder, a lower pressure cooling cylinder, a composite pressure regulator valve, an electronic control cabinet, buttons, a text parameter display, a digital setting thermostat, and compression start / It consists of reset button, cooling start / reset button, light control protection launching device, protective net, gas storage tank and so on.

Equipment function:

1. The upper cylinder is pressed down to make the aluminum plate and the hot-melt adhesive film compound, and the compound time is set digitally. This function has the speed of pressing down and the pressure can be adjusted;

2. The upper heating method is suitable for gluing the double-sided tape first and then the vulcanization process (the lower heating method is suitable for the vulcanization process of the adhesive aluminum plate). The heating plate is made of cast iron with a thickness not less than 40mm (the heating plate is changed from 1 to 2) The lower surface must be flat and smooth, with an average of 6 800W high-temperature resistant stainless steel heating tubes placed in the middle, reasonably distributed on the work board, the board surface is heated evenly, intelligent digital temperature controller, no contact thyristor to achieve automatic pressure regulation and constant temperature , High precision, simple setting, the temperature difference within 50mm from the center of the heating plate surface to the edge of the heating plate ≤ ± 15 ℃;

3. The left and right sides are equipped with anti-shooting light control protection devices, and the protection alarm will occur when the pressure is closed;

4. For safety reasons, the pressing cylinder must be at the highest position during emergency