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Wire Rope Melting And Cutting Machine

Wire Rope Melting And Cutting Machine

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Electrical control system: use Omron PLC, Omron touch screen, Zhengtai electrical, relay amplifier circuit to drive pneumatic solenoid valve work.
Fuse system: use the transfer switch to adjust the fuse current in multiple gears to select 260V or 440V input voltage according to the diameter of the steel rope; and 1-6 fuse current.
Randomly configure a set of fuse molds, the mold has two inlets, customers can choose two different specifications of wire rope according to actual needs, respectively feeding from two different inlets, equipped with 1.5mm and 2.0mm blown Mold.
Discharge system: After performing the fusing action, the flap cylinder moves to perform the unloading action.
The equipment can be equipped with a wire rope active discharge rack: the function is to provide a stable feeding tension to prevent excessive tension or slack of the feeding wire rope.
The machine can melt 1.5-3.0 mm steel wire rope, the production capacity is about 3.5 seconds per strip;The accuracy of cutting length is 1000 MM + 2 mm.

This steel wire rope melting and cutting machines, with high speed and easy to operate, are applicable for melting steel ropes of various dimensions, especially elevator ropes, min ropes, crane cables and other high quality steel ropes. The steel ropes melted are neat and smooth with conical and spiral ends. These machines are mainly applied by steel rope manufacturers and customers. (e.g. Port, jetty, elevator maker etc.)


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