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Tube Bending Machine BO-40NC-3

Tube Bending Machine BO-40NC-3

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The high-speed single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine is controlled by a microcomputer, with multiple sets of programs and multiple angle settings, making the operation simple and convenient.
Chinese subtitle display, man-machine dialogue operation, manual, half-cycle, full-cycle operation can be selected arbitrarily.
Adopt high-performance imported hydraulic valves and electrical components.
Equipped with a large-capacity cooling system to effectively control the working temperature.
The whole machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor, and is an ideal equipment for the pipe fittings processing industry.
Manual and semi-automatic operation modes can be selected arbitrarily, and the mobile foot switch has two functions of start and emergency stop.
Maximum bending diameter × wall thicknessΦ38mm×2mm
Maximum bending radiusR200mm
Minimum bending radiusR≧1.5D
Maximum bending angle190°
Standard feed length1600 mm
Control SystemMicrocomputer control
System maximum pressure12 Mpa
Machine size2500×750×1250mm
Machine weight600 kg


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