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Integrated Bundy Tube Straightening Cutting And Bending Machine

Integrated Bundy Tube Straightening Cutting And Bending Machine

Delivery terms:EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP

Payment:30% down payment by T/T,the balance down before shipment.

Lead time:witin 10-35 days after receiving down payment.

Guarantee:within one year since date of B/L.

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The use of servo motor drive and high precision screw drive to ensure the accuracy of the feeding.
Bending program settings through the touch screen settings, also adopts anemergency stop switch.
Tube end can be clamped to ensure the neatness of the bendingprocess.
As the customer has to switch between different pipe diameters and R bends, the design takes into account the convenience of changing the mould.
Bend tube feeding is a servo-clamped way to ensure the smoothness of thefeed.
The length of the steel pipe projection has a benchmark fixed length, to ensure that the length of the feed projection has a benchmark.
PLC, touch screen program has a memory storage function, storage data (model) of not less than 100, the program can be set within the bend R channel number of individual products of not less than 75 times.
The surface of the bending wheel is bright and clean and cannot be scratched on the surface of the tube due to the roughness of the bendingwheel.

This is a fully automatic steel pipe bending machine. It could be applied for tube diameter range 4- 8mm.The first manual material and cut off the size. The operation process is as follows: manual loading and cutting to size, automatic feeding and gathering, automatic feeding and threading, automatic pipe bending.

Three-part clamping die to minimize tube distortion, get smooth cutting end surface. High accuracy concentricity ensures to get good welding quality in following process. Chipless cutting with 360° rotary cutting blade and stretching with two points clamping. Straightening wheel work on the steel tube from both vertical and horizontal directions. Tube Diameter from 4-6.35 is suitable for floor mounted decoiler. Tube clamping mechanism: Pneumatic clamping Clamping of the front and rear clamping dies, ring cutting of the cutter.

The main electrical components such as air switches, selector switches and intermediate relays in the centre of the control cabinet are safe and reliable. The control circuit has an overload protection function and is equipped with an emergency stop switch. At the same time, the installation of the electrical components of the equipment conforms to the relevant national regulations Reliable earthing device, terminal blocks, contactors and small air switches in the electrical box are installed in VDE standard V-slot The electrical components are clearly marked and the electric control cabinet is wired with a full plastic comb-hole cabinet with a clear line number, a neat control panel and a clear and easy to read label subtitle. Guards or warnings are provided for all areas involving personal safety. Operating temperature - 15°~40° Operating ambient relative humidity (at 25°C):70%


6CuttingTolerance0.5mm/ 1m; ±1mm/ 18m
9DriveMotor(Servo)112V0- 167HZ1.5KW2000r/min
11Verticalandhorizontal straighteningrollers7+7material:45#steel
12SizeofcutterbladeSizeofcutterblade: 63*22*1.0mm
13Positioning precision of bending axisAccording to the drawings
14Servo motor 2 sets: one is for feeding and another for bending3AC 150V 9.6A2KW2000r/min 68mV/min
15Electric Supply380V3phrase50HZ
16Total length and width of the machine32m*3m*1.85M

Hexagonaltools1 setfreespares


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