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Wheel Hub Air Tightness Testing Machine

Wheel Hub Air Tightness Testing Machine

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Pneumatic test pressure: up to 0.6Mpa..
Clamping method: hydraulic clamping.
Detection method: air pressure bubbling method, direct pressure leak detector.
Clamping tooling stroke: 200mm.
Pool stroke: 200mm.
The maximum height of the wheel placement space: 400mm.
The diameter range of the tested wheel hub: 150-400mm.

The equipment adopts hydraulic clamping method,Bubble method for testing. Hydraulic clamping tooling is used to seal the upper and lower end caps of the hub, and high-strength gaskets are used to seal the upper and lower ends.It hasthe advantages of high control accuracy, and the pressure can be adjusted steplessly.

Test pressurewithin 6bar
Pressure control accuracy±0.5%
Pressure value resolution0.1kpa
Pressure sensor0.5level
Test mediumcompressed air
Pressure control methodmanual, touch screen
Operation modeautomatic
Relative humidity<85%
Sample installation methodhydraulic clamping
Structure compositionpressure control system, hydraulic clamping system


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