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Aluminum Alloy Wheel Air Tightness Testing Machine

Aluminum Alloy Wheel Air Tightness Testing Machine

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Put alloy wheel into lifting rack.
Press “start” button to move alloy wheel to pre-sealing position.
The left sealing plate working to tight wheel by squeezing into necessary pressure.
Move the squeezed alloy wheel downward to bottom line, and feeding with high pressure gas (0.5-0.6MPa).
The water come from storage tank into testing tank to submerge alloy wheel.
The alloy wheel rotates with high pressure gas inside water in two turns.
The operator checks the surface if there any air bubble for leakage.
Then water back to storage tank and high pressure release, alloy wheel raises up to original position for manual unloading.

The air tightness testing machine seal the aluminum alloy wheel from two sides by squeezing, with high pressure gas feeding, and submerge wheel into water completely, and rotate wheel to check if any air bubble coming out cause of crack or damage.

Electrical cabinets are placed in the machine, compact structure, convenient operation. Electric control system by the electrical cabinets, operation panel of hardware and application software. Operation panel is installed on the touch screen and commonly used control button and the light is convenient adjustment operation. Advanced electric control system configuration is reasonable. Control system with automatic, manual and reset mode, meet the demand of production process adjustment, etc.

PLC system as the core to improve the reliability of the system. Controller and touch screen using PLC and touch screen, equipped with transmission interface for upper information system. Electronic control system should have automatic recording process control parameters of the function, fault self-diagnosis function, fault alarm automatic cycle recording function.

Touch screen monitor machine operation, failure, the screen will show the fault causes and treatment methods.

Water storage tankThe water storage tank is made of 15 mm thick steel plate welding and become, in the internal surface of stainless steel water tank as the package, there are six cleaning hole.
Testing water tankThe testing water tank is made of 20 mm thick steel plate welding, stainless steel internal package, polishing after welding and annealing. Each hole and the critical surface is large processing center processing, high precision, resistance to pressure.
Lifting bracketThe lifting bracket adopts multi-points positioning, with knob adjustment for alloy wheel centralizing with different diameter size, to get quick operation and tightness pressing.
Squeezing mechanismWe also design the pressure before and after compaction, such can also quickly to different wheel wide wheel pressure tight seal. Improve the production efficiency, saving production time.
Spindle institutionsDriven spindle and spindle are passive chose large thrust bearing, the biggest can withstand 800KN thrust from the cylinder.
Worktable height1200mm
Rotate motor power (Right)0.75KW
Gear reducer ratio40:1
Left squeezing plate Oil cylinder diameter125mm
Left squeezing plate Oil cylinder stroke230mm
Left squeezing plate Oil cylinder pressure850KN
Lifting bracket Oil cylinder diameter40mm
Lifting bracket Oil cylinder stroke3300mm
Lifting bracket Oil cylinder pressure49KN
Hydraulic station motor power4KW
Hydraulic station working pressure7-15MPa
Max. alloy wheel diameter26”
Cycle time35-45 seconds
System air pressure0.6MPa
Testing air pressure0.5-0.6MPa
Air consumptionAbout 0.25M3/piece
Max. squeezing force16Ton


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