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Rim Butt Welding Machine

Rim Butt Welding Machine

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Welding of bicycles, motorcycle rings and other metal rings.
Welding of kitchen tableware knives.
Metal wire, metal belt, steel bar butt welding, etc.
Welding of various round pipes and square pipes in "L" and "T" shapes.
Diagonal welding of window and door frames.

The rim butt welding machine is suitable for the welding process after the rim is formed, so that the rim is formed. The welding electrode clamps the workpiece, and the two workpieces are close. As the current density increases, the contact of the workpiece begins to melt, and part of the metal solution overflows to form an initial butt welding node. Finally, high pressure is used for upsetting to cut off the current and the welding is completed.

Rated Power100KVA
Rated Voltage380V/420V
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Max Short Current24000A
Rated Duty Cycle50%
Max Clamping Force6500N
Max Upsetting Force3000N
Cooling Water Required150/H


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