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Production Line of Wheel Rim

Production Line of Wheel Rim

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Main motor power:7.5kW.
Diameter of main bearing for the roll :60mm.
Material of main roll:CR12 quenching process Electroplating treatment.
Forming processing line:8 lines.
Touch screen control.
PLC control system.
Cutting Power: Hydraulic driven.
Cutting blade material: Cr12, with quenching.
Flash butt welder.
Adjustment level :stepless adjustment.
Welding stroke stroke:100mm.

Wheel Rim Production Part

This production line is including wheel rim making production part and wheel cover hub production part ,there all are suitable for the manufacture wheel rims of bicycles and motorcycles,and battery vehicles.Through computer control ,it does not require manual operation, its useful for making large amount wheel rims with less people and get more consistency, productivity.

And its stable quality, multiple protection links, safe and reliable.

The production line adopts PLC control and LCD touch screen.Operator automatically runs the system and monitors the control process through the set program (programmable control).Realize the operator to control the production line and modify the control parameters to achieve the length digital setting and adjustment. And real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, operating parameters and fault indications.There are two operation modes:manual and automatic.In the manual state,it`s able to single unit operation ,which is convenient for maintenance.In the automatic state,whole production line runs automatically,and starts sequentially.There are emergence stop buttons on whole production line,which are easy to handle the emergence accidents and ensure the safely of the equipment and operators.

Main motor power7.5kW
Thickness range0.8mm-1.5mm
Diameter of roll bearing60mm
Material of rollCr12 quenching
Maximum forming processing lines8 lines
Control toolTouch screen
Control systemPLC
MAX.Loading capacity of decoiler2tons
MAX.Loading width of decoiler300mm
Cutting systemHydraulic control
Material of cutting bladeCr12 quenching process
Adjustment level of welding partstepless adjustment
Vertical work stroke of welding partpneumatic
Propulsion methodPneumatic
Total motor power12kW
Material of polishing wheelnylon


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