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CNC Metal Spinning Machine

CNC Metal Spinning Machine

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Servo spindle can be step-less speed regulated and controlled by programming.
CNC programmable control of radial feed of rotary wheel.
CNC programmable control of axial feed of rotary wheel.
Tail-top speed is controlled by servo motor, CNC programmable control.
CNC control system from Siemens, Germany. (Mode: 808).
The flame heating system is optional according to product requirements.

The CNC metal spinning machine XY-800 applies to aluminum plate, cooper plate, iron plate, stainless steel plate and steel plate spinning processing of lighting, cooker, art and craft. With horizontal high strength casting composite structure and digital program control, can realize manual adjustment, semi-automatic, automatic operation mode. The equipment function and practical, strong professionalism, high production efficiency, can finish the bucket, conical, parabolic, horn, warhead, etc. Series of products of mass production and trial production tasks, but also in the same machine tools to complete mold finish turning, finished products, trimming, flanging, crimping, reducing, car shape and thread rolling, fine processing, and other functions. It is suitable for spinning aluminum (alloy) plate, copper plate, stainless steel and copper plate and other materials.

Maximum turning diameter of overpass bracketmm550
Maximum sheet diametermm800
Double center distance (distance from spindle center to stern top center)mm1000
Main motorkW18.5
The X axis strokeMMUnilateral 400
Maximum thrust on the X-axisKN37
Maximum X velocityMm/min7500
The Z axis strokeMM600
Maximum Z thrustKN56
Maximum Z velocityMm/min6000
Spindle speedThe RPM50-1500.
Maximum tail top forceKN30
The tail cap tripmm500
Number of tools (rotary wheel)a6 + 6
Processing aluminum thicknessmm0.5-6
Processing ordinary steel thicknessmm0.5 3
Machined stainless steel thicknessmm0.5-2.5
Machine tool dimensionmm4060 * 2000 * 1600
Main shaft flange connection modeGBA2-8 -
Machine weightKG7000


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