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Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Machine

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High efficiency, energy saving, lead-free, environmental protection, new design, smooth lines, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
Automatic transportation power system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic step into the board.
Flux spray system adopts scanning spray mode, Japanese nozzle and rodless cylinder, PLC control, accurate and reliable.
The preheating system adopts three strong hot air system, good insulation effect, fast temperature rise, uniform temperature, ≤±2℃.
Titanium alloy transport chain claw, reinforced, non-stick tin, to ensure the welding quality of PCB board.
Tin furnace is made of high quality imported stainless steel, new nozzle design.
Tin furnace adopts imported high temperature motor, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, independent control, stable performance.
The tin furnace lead free environmental protection independent design, lifting and entering, convenient, easy to clean.
Tin furnace heating using high-speed PID external heat two independent control, heating up quickly, to solve the shortcomings of tin furnace tin.
Design time controller function, the user can preset switching time, tin furnace heating time 90 minutes.
The machine adopts black box memory function, can call out production management records at any time, improve work efficiency.
Reasonable environmental design, using automatic claw washing function, to ensure the clean chain claw.
The machine design is reasonable, sensitive fault alarm system, to ensure the stability of equipment performance, the safety of operators.
Wave number2
Plate widthMax.350mm
Tin furnace capacity350kg
Length of preheating zone1800mm
Wave heightMax.12mm
Start power10kw
Heating power8kw
Motor power0.37kw
The control modeTouch screen
Size of machine4000*1200*1600mm
transportation speed0-1.5m/min


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