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Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding Machine

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Sanitary ware industry: water pipe joint, reducer joint, tee, valve Battery industry: lithium battery, battery pack, electrode laser welding.
Glasses industry: stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials of glasses buckle, precision welding of outer frame and other positions.
Hardware industry: impeller, kettle, cup, wine jug, stainless steel bowl, sensors, diodes, aluminum alloy, mobile phone battery, door handles, mixers, shelves, etc., complex stamping parts, copper parts, aluminum parts, casting parts of the welding Product advantage.
Using the latest DSP control system, more stability, software operation is more simple, to meet the needs of large stroke and complex product welding requirements.
High production efficiency, fast welding speed, automatic mass production.
Welding point, straight line, circle, elliptic arc, square and other plane arbitrary trajectory.
With automatic focusing and rotation function, can weld 3D space products of any shape.
Max laser power200W
Laser pulse energy90J
Laser wavelength1064nm
Pulse width0.3-25ms
Pulse frequency0-100HZ
Spot adjustment range0.2-2mm
Aiming and positioningred light
Control systemmicro-computer
Positioning accracy±0.05mm
Rated power6kw
Electrical requirement220v±10%/50HZ/30A
Cooling methodWater cooling


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