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Flash Butt Welder

Flash Butt Welder

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The working principle of flash butt welding is that the two workpieces are not in contact with each other before the two clamp electrodes clamped and connected to the power supply (transformer), and then move the movable fixture. When the two welders end face light contact, that is, heating, contact point due to heating and the formation of liquid metal "over the beam" and burst, so there is a spark jet, forming a flash. As the moving fixture moves continuously, the flash also occurs continuously.

Flash when the two ends of the welders get heated, when the welding temperature is reached, the dynamic fixture suddenly accelerates, with a large top forging force to make the two ends squeeze each other, is a strong plastic deformation of the welding area, in the extrusion of molten metal at the same time, the bonding surface formed a crystallization of interaction, it formed a solid welded joint.

Maximum short-circuit current42KA
Rated capacity300KVA
Welding area2000mm²
Primary Cable Specifications100mm²
Rated load duration50%
Size of machine1800L*1100W*1250Hmm
Cooling water flow24L/min


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