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Battery Spot Welding Machine

Battery Spot Welding Machine

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One key calibration function for the overall offset of the welded spot, which can be calibrated for the change of the welding pin or other reasons caused by the spot offset.
Higher spot welding efficiency, welding speed per point ≤ 0.35S (different speed according to the optional welding machine).
Core accessories imported from Japan and Taiwan, the machine precision, stability, life than other domestic accessories to improve more than 1 times.
Welding automatic alarm and stop function, after clearing the fault can continue spot welding.
The machine comes with power off or break point continue function, can manually adjust any position for spot welding.
Optional welding machine, according to the different requirements of customers to choose different welding machine, effectively meet customer needs.
Y-axis travel500MM
transmission methodBall screw + precision linear guide
X-axis travel-
Drive methodStepper servo motor
Z2 axis travel350MM
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.02MM
External dimensions(MM)L:900, W:900,H:1700
Max. welding speed0.35S/point; 5500PCS/hour


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