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Portable Electrical Manual Tube End Expanding Machine

Portable Electrical Manual Tube End Expanding Machine

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The electric tube expander is composed of a tube expander and a digital display controller, and it is accompanied by a tube expander (working head).

The main working principle is that when the electric pipe expander drives the pipe expander that is plugged into the pipe hole to rotate clockwise, the expansion bead of the pipe expander has a certain rotation angle with the pipe, so that the pipe expander rotates along the differential pipe while rotating. The axis is forward, and the expander is thinner and thicker before, so that the expanded tube is gradually expanded during the rolling of the expanded beads, and is in close contact with the wall of the tube sheet. In the process of tube expansion, as the tube expander continues to expand, the torque provided by the tube expander also increases, and the motor current of the tube expander also increases. After the current is sampled by the digital controller, Amplified analog-to-digital conversion, digital display of the actual working current, compared with the preset expansion tube value through a comparator, the controller controls the motor to automatically stop when it reaches the set value. After the delay interval of the delay circuit, the controller automatically drives the tube expander to rotate counterclockwise, so that the tube expander starts to loosen. When the release time reaches the preset exit time, the controller disconnects the power supply of the tube expander motor and stops the tube expander to complete a tube expansion process.


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