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Copper Tube End Closing Machine T-80

Copper Tube End Closing Machine T-80

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The tube end spinning closing machine is used for the closing of metal pipe end, mainly used in the manufacture of air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, car silencers, and compressors and dryers.
The workpiece is fixed by a rotating tool to rotate the seal, which can fully meet the sealing process of a long pipe of more than 1 meter.
The workpiece does not rotate during the machining process greatly improves the safety performance of the machine. By improving the clamping die, the copper tube which can not be processed by the rotating workpiece can be spun and sealed, which improves the adaptability of the machine to the product.
This equipment adopts the advantages of servo feeding, servo feeding, PLC control, simple programming, high repeatability and stable performance.

The principle of the spinning machine is that when the workpiece rotates at a high speed, the workpiece is pressed by a certain path through a strong external force, and the material is repeatedly pressed by the roller to make it from point to line, and the line to the surface eventually causes the workpiece to be thermally deformed. The shape you need. Depending on the required pressing force, the small spinning machine can drive the screw to generate pressure through the servo motor. Some large-scale powerful spinning machines need to be squeezed by hydraulic means.

Tube materialCopper tube
Tube diameter rangeMax Φ50mm/Φ80mm
Working thickness0.6-2mm
Min Tube length200mm
Air pressure0.5±0.1MPa
Control systemPLC system
Loading/UnloadingBy Manual
Tube end closing shapeFlat shape
Mold controlServo motor with high precision
Clamp powerPneumatic power
Motor power8Kw/10KW
Working capacity25 Seconds (∅50)
Programmable PLCMitsubishiJapan
Touch ScreenMitsubishiJapan
Cylinders and solenoid valvesSMCJapan
Servo systemMitsubishiJanpan
switches and sensorsAutonics  / SchneiderKorea/Germany
electrical appliancesSiemens, SchneiderGermany


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