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Tube Shrinking Machine BO-60

Tube Shrinking Machine BO-60

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Machine has good stability.
Four-piece molding cone mold, the material is Cr12MoV material, computer engraving, fine wear-resistant and durable.
The machine adopts thick cast iron head design, long life.
The work piece forming time is short 15-30s, high efficiency, work piece without scars.

Shrink tube machine is used to process metal round tube into conical tube. It is easy to operate and can be used quickly by anyone. This machine has the characteristics of stable performance, the work piece forming time is short, the machining surface is smooth, the work piece has no scars. It is easy to change the mould of taper tube shrinkable machine, and different shapes of metal pipes can be processed with the corresponding mould to meet the needs of different industries. Suitable for furniture, lighting, bicycle, small pipe grouting taper molding processing products.

Max. Diameter60 mm
Max. Thickness2 mm
Forming length420 mm
Times6-15 s
Motor power5.5 kw
Spindle speed177 r/m


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