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Sectional Spiral Blade Cold Rolling Machine BTF-3000

Sectional Spiral Blade Cold Rolling Machine BTF-3000

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It is welded by high-quality thickened steel plate, which is durable and long-lasting, with high dimensional accuracy and surface hardness.
The finished product has a high reasonable rate, a rounded arc, and easy welding.
The operation is simple, the structure is reasonable, the machining accuracy is high, and various specifications can be processed.
The spiral blade has the advantages of smooth surface, no welding seam, high hardness, good wear resistance, smooth conveying and reducing material damage rate.

The cold-rolled spiral blade machine has changed the traditional method of making spiral blades in the past. The spiral blade forming machine has promoted the development of industrialization. The spiral blade is mainly used in conveying machinery, stirring machinery, and pile drilling machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, environmental protection machinery industry. According to the characteristics of different conveying materials, screw conveyors can be divided into shaftless screw conveying and shafted screw conveying. The cold-rolled spiral blade machine produced by our company can process various specifications of carbon steel spiral blades and stainless steel spiral blades through the conical roller extrusion method precise.

1Workpiece thickness range2-30mm
2Outer diameter range50-3500mm
3Unilateral width1100mm
5Machine dimensions including hydraulic station4000*800*1600mm
7Internal hexagon tool1/set
8Calculation and adjustment software1/set
9Operation manual1/set
10Circuit diagram1/set
11Blade forming directionLeft and right
12Equipment weight≥10 tons
13Motor power11kw


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