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Automatic High-Speed Tube Shoulder Injection Machine

Automatic High-Speed Tube Shoulder Injection Machine

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This machine is composed of gap index positioning device, tube feeding device, plastic injection device, shoulder forming device, cooling device, tube discharge device, automatic control system, etc. The tube feeding device consists of a tube distribution mechanism connecting with the tube body making machine, tube-feeding manipulators, and fixed or color code aligning positioning device. With the integration of mechanism, electric, pneumatics and IOT (The Internet of Things)communication, it is a high-speed tube shoulder injection machine which completely realizes intelligent control.

Power supply380V/50Hz
Installed power23 kW(including heater power: 11 kW)
Actual power consumption12kw/h
Air supply0.6MPa
Air consumption0.6 m3/min
Production speed≥100pieces/minute
Tube diameter∅16~∅50mm
Applicable tubelaminated and PE tubes
Machine dimensions3.2×3.1×2.3m(L×W×H)
Machine weight3tons


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