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Paper Tube Machine

Paper Tube Machine

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The main body is made of thick and heavy steel plate after CNC cutting and welding, the frame is stable and not easy to deform, and the vibration is small.
The main drive adopts hard-toothed full oil bath gear for speed reduction, low noise, low heat generation, high speed and large torque.
The main motor adopts vector type high torque frequency converter for speed regulation.
Equipped with hydraulic belt tensioning device, belt tension sensor, and belt angle sensor, which can automatically adjust the belt tension and angle.
Equipped with a CNC synchronous follow-up shear system, and the cutting table is driven by a precision ball screw and a high-performance servo motor.
Equipped with pulse fixed-length control and feed-forward compensation function to ensure the same cutting length under different host operating speeds.
Double PLC control system is adopted, IO output control and functional operation are controlled separately, which improves the cutting response speed, and the cutting length control is more accurate than before.
Equipped with a new type of operation panel and large-size color touch screen man-machine interface operation.
With multifunctional bottom paper supply device, automatic shutdown function for paper break.
Equipped with an integrated linkage device for the integral paper feeder, glue feeder, and paper guide, with full electric adjustment.
Modular electrical layout design makes it more convenient and scientific to use, maintain and repair.
Optional network module, used for multiple devices or pipeline network operation, can also use remote monitoring and maintenance, MODBUS TCP protocol.
Optional eccentric shaft paper tape tension device or air pressure type paper tape tension device.

The paper tube produced by the paper tube machine is used in various industries, such as chemical fiber industry tube, film industry tube, printing industry tube, paper industry tube, leather industry tube, food packaging tube, construction industry tube, exhibition industry Use tubes and so on. There are also many types of paper tube machines. The most common paper tube machines are spiral paper tube machines and flat roll paper tube machines.

Number of winding paper layers3-16 layers
Maximum coil diameter200mm
Minimum coil diameter20mm
Maximum coil thickness10mm
Minimum coil thickness0.5mm
Fixing method of core moldFlange tightening
Winding headFour-head single belt
Cutting methodSingle round knife cutting without resistance
Gluing methodDouble-sided glue
Fixed length methodEncoder (optional for photoelectric positioning)
Number of operators1-2 people
Roll out paper tube speed3-20m/min
Speed controlFrequency converter
Machine size4200mm*1700mm*2000mm
Land area18000mm*6000mm
Rim diameter215mm
Rim height200mm/350mm
Minimum track750mm
Maximum track950mm


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