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Automatic Multi-Layer Paper Bag Tube Making Machine

Automatic Multi-Layer Paper Bag Tube Making Machine

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The steel plate of the main machine head adopts 45# steel plate with a thickness of 40mm.
The column structure of the discharge assembly, 250# channel steel (origin: Maanshan Iron and Steel), the surface has been treated with 3 layers of paint.
200# channel steel is used for the intermediate support (origin: Maanshan Iron & Steel).
The coil unwinding unit adopts air expansion shaft core: 4 sets (45# steel; the surface is high-frequency quenched; it can bear a weight of 1.3 tons).
The structure and parts of other mechanical parts adopt 45#, A3, cast iron parts, etc.
Bag length: 500- 1100mm (touch screen control, servo fixed length, if colored bags can be cut off according to the color mark).
Bag-making width: 320-500mm can be adjusted at will.
Coil width: A: 660- 1020mm.
The maximum allowable paper roll diameter: B: 1200mm (the paper roll diameter can be customized according to customer requirements).
Paper weight: C: 70- 140 grams.
Allow roll paper core aperture D: Ф76mm (domestic standard paper core).
The number of bag making layers: 1-4 layers (or 3+ 1 film).
Line speed of bag making: 30- 108m/min.
Optional: Full servo control dispensing system, speed synchronous paper bag machine;(Later, the paper bag top paste machine needs to add the guide configuration when paste the bottom).
Power of the whole machine: 19.5kw.
Total weight: 5500kg.
The buyer's power supply conditions: 380± 10V 50HZ 3 phase 5 wires.
Control method: touch screen PLC servo control system, photoelectric tracking.
The overall dimensions of the equipment:14500mm*2300mm*1900mm.

The multi-layer bag can-making machine is designed to solve environmental pollution and conform to green environmental protection. It is suitable for 70- 140 grams of kraft paper rolls, and the finished products such as automatic forming and middle seam gluing according to the size required by the customer can be output at one time. It has a wide range of applications and is an ideal equipment for packaging grain, chemical, cement and other products. This machine is developed after years of pioneering and innovation by the company and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. Automatic production line  equipment with the  combination  of machine, electricity andgas

Coil→Passing→Paperpuncture→Layering→Bagmouthdispensing→Middlesizing→Forming→Multi-layertraction→Cutting(fixedlength)→Pullingoff→Photoelectriccounting→Wholebagconveying→Finishedproduct With man-machine interface adjustment (10-inch touch screen), frequency conversion speed regulation, high-precision servo control system, PLC programming control system, automatic counting, output, etc. The control  system is simple and convenient to operate: automatic mechanical stop of the coil; automatic tracking of the color code; automatic gluing; forming; material  pulling; photoelectric induction; functions such as arbitrary fixed length without changing gears, cold cutting of cutters, etc.

5Maindrive380V 4KW1
6Dispensingservodrive380V 2KW3
7Dispensingservodrive380V 2KW1
12Color codetracker(Taiwan)1
13Synchronous gear andbelt96:241
14AxialFan120FZY2-S 220V2
15Button(domesticwell-known brand)2
16Two-positionknob(domestic well-knownbrand)3
17Powerindicator(domestic well-knownbrand)1
19Airswitch 4P4P 32A1
20Switching power supplyHS35-241
22ACcontactorCJX2-3210 220V1
23Emergencystopbutton(domestic well-knownbrand)NP4- 112S/ 11


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