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Automatic  Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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Adopt German technology, core worm gear, worm structure, synchronously send oil to all parts of the movement, prolong the service life of the equipment.
By using professional typesetting technology, the fan-shaped paper can be saved by 18%, which can save the labor cost and manufacturing cost, and improve the production efficiency.Thickness of material: 0.4-3.2 mm
Control feeding, realize color mark tracking and accurate die cutting.
According to the paper layout, using different shapes of knife plate, pneumatic locking knife plate, easy to replace.
The paper feeding double row cots move synchronously at random, and at the same time, the paper feeding function is improved.
Roll embossing belt die cutting, indentation, tile, one machine multi-purpose.
Air pressure: ≥0.5Mpa

Cylinder paper high-speed automatic die-cutting machine is a kind of professional equipment for cutting various kinds of paper, such as indentation paper, coated paper, white card paper and so on. The machine adopts microcomputer and man-machine interface,  servo  drive  positioning, AC  frequency  conversion,  automatic counting, manual (pneumatic) locking plate, photoelectric correction, electromagnetic clutch, centralized lubrication  of  thin  oil,  automatic  hydraulic  loading  and  unloading, automatic timing and oiling, overload protection and unique rotating mechanism, which realizes  paper  withdrawal,  smooth  paper conveying, accurate  positioning,  paper receiving in order, all key parts and control system of the machine It adopts imported products  and precision  assembly to  ensure the  stable operation pressure,  accurate positioning, stable movement, safety and reliability of the machine.

Cut Precision:± 0.10mm
Production capacity:150-210times/min
Paper Convey Width:250-950mm
Max Roll paper diameter:1800mm
Suitable Material:120-600g/m2 coated paper,white cardboard
Total Power:14.5KW
Total Weight:6.2T(standard);7800kgs(heavy)
Maximum cutting size:950x540mm / 950 x640mm(optional)
Maximum Pressure:350T
Overall Dimension:4200 x 2100 x 1850 mm
Working Air Source:Air pressure :0.6Mpa ;                                                                                                        Working air:0.3m³/min;