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Full Automatic Medium Speed Paper Dish Forming Machine

Full Automatic Medium Speed Paper Dish Forming Machine

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This machine is a medium speed automatic paper dish machine which is developed and designed according to the market demand. It has the functions of self-pneumatic paper sucking and feeding, heating forming, automatic dish releasing, constant temperature control, automatic counting, etc. It is an ideal equipment for producing circular paper dish, square paper dish and special-shaped paper dish of various specifications.

Compared with the traditional automatic paper disc machine, it recombines the principle of pneumatic and mechanical combination, and has the advantages of higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient dimension and more humanized structure design.

Fully automatic medium speed paper disc machine with high efficiency of the pressurized cylinder, the maximum pressure up to 5T, it has the advantages of faster and more environmental protection than the oil cylinder.

This medium speed automatic paper dish machine is widely used in the production of paper or aluminum foil based dishes. Round or square plates and plates of different sizes and shapes can be produced by changing molds.

Size of paper dish:4--11 inches (diameter, round paper dish) (mould is interchangeable)
Paper materials:140-- 800 g/m2 (base paper, white board paper, white cardboard paper, aluminum foil or other); Production speed: 50-70 / min
Power requirement:220V 50Hz; Total power rate: 3 KW;
Machine weight:600kg;
External dimension:(length x width x height)1400x 1480 x 1700mm;
Supporting air source requirements:working pressure 0.8mpa, working air capacity 1.5m3 / min; Other remarks: We can customize the production of various specifications of paper disc machinery according to customer's requirements.
Main technical parameters of booster cylinder:MPT - 80-150-5 t - 10
Air flow:1.5 m3 / min
Air pressure:0.5-0.8mpa
Cylinder stroke:150mm


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