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Automatic Single Pe Coated Paper Cup Making Machine

Automatic Single Pe Coated Paper Cup Making Machine

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Frame is an inclined frame, cup dropping rate 99.99%, this machine use gear instead of chain, so that improve transmission stability, Make up the chain drive congenitally deficient, Greatly enhance the power of the machine.
Durable, good maintenance etc. The biggest advantage is that mould plate, nylon wheel, chassis are all made by aluminum materials, it is light with high cost. Good anti turntable inertia with long life.It more durable according to other iron machine.

The automatic single-sided paper cup making machine is a multi station automatic molding machine, it has automatic paper feeding, sealing (cup wall adhesion), filling, filling the bottom, heating, rolling flower, roll edge by continuous process and photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting functions, it is the best equipment for producing paper drinking cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising cups,ice cream cups or other cone food containers.

TX-DL12 paper cup making machine is mainly used for the production of single PE coated paper cups (from 3 ounces to 12 ounces), wide application for supermarket, restaurant, office, home and so on, also can be used as  advertising paper cups.

Paper cup specification12(oz)
Material requirement150-400g/m2                                                                                                        Single PE coated paper
Voltage220V 50HZ or 380V 50HZ
Machine Weight1350kg
Machine size2555*1250*1680mm


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