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Lunch Box Making Machine

Lunch Box Making Machine

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Independent research and development, the latest products, using the fast oil pressure system, each station is 15 - 20 minutes faster than ordinary machine.
Send paper using mechanical work, stable performance. Compared to the ordinary type of paper drop technology, the waste rate is greatly reduced to 1/1000.
Can be directly with the packaging machine (paper disc packaging labeling machine (film), good packaging and labeling). Suitable for production.
Can automatically produce all kinds of non-standard products, finished product rate of one hundred percent, solved the problem of ordinary machines can not complete.
Hydraulic oil recycling, reduce emission pollution, low noise.

The machine are used in: fried, fried, pastry, barbecue, rice and other packaging. Compared with traditional paper bowls, the combined cost of the two products of paper bowl and bowl lid is omitted. Machine production range: lunch boxes, paper trays, packing boxes, etc.

Production speed:40-80pcs/min
Maximum box size:210*140*80mm
Maximum paper feeder-size:300*400mm
Paper Material:100-400g/m2 (PE Coated paper)
Power Requirements:380V 50HZ
Total Power:4KW
Specifications:2600*1300*2100 mm
Air Supply Requirement:0.4Mpa, 0.3cube/min
Other Notes:Customize
Hydraulic MotorZhejiang Zhonglong
Normally Closed PhotoelectricShanghai Qide
Stainless Steel Heating PipeJiangsu Rong Dali
Oil PumpTaiwan
Counter SwitchYueqing Tiangao
Normally Open PhotoelectricShanghai Qide
Solenoid ValveTaiwan Airtac
Temperature SensorShanghai Xingyu
AC ContactorYueqing Tiangao
Frequency transformerDelta


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