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Carton Unpackaging Machine

Carton Unpackaging Machine

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According to customers' requirements, the machine color of corresponding production line can be configured appropriately.
Light volume, auxiliary pulley, flexible displacement, more convenient installation and debugging.
Adopt vertical storage of cardboard, and can supplement carton board at any time, no need to stop, more time, more packaging.
Structural design of the carton unpacking machine: complete the carton suction, unpacking, molding, bottom folding, back sealing and other packaging processes at one time.
Suitable for various sizes of carton automatically open the back cover, if the carton specifications need to be changed, manual adjustment can be done, the required time is 1-2 minutes.
The carton unpacker can be operated by a single machine or used in conjunction with the automatic packaging line.
The unpacking machine has stable performance, reliable quality, strong applicability, high packing efficiency and long service life.
High degree of automation: automatic unpacking, automatic folding of the lower cover and automatic sealing of the lower rubber belt. The machine is controlled by PLC+ display screen.
The performance of the parts is precise and durable, the structure is designed strictly, the operation process is vibration-free, the operation is stable and reliable.
Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental injury during operation, safe production and efficient packaging.

One time to complete the carton suction box, unpacking, forming, folding bottom, sealing and other packaging process vertical storage of cardboard, and can be replenished carton board at any time, no need to stop. Applicable to carton of different specifications, manual adjustment can be done, easy to operate. This machine adopts PLC+ display control, which is greatly convenient for operation, management and reduction of production personnel and labor intensity. It is an essential equipment for automatic scale production. Easy to operate and reduce the cost of packing. The machine can be used alone or in combination with other packing equipment such as packing and sealing.

Motor:Taibang (Taiwan)
PLC:Siemens (Germany)
Touch screen:Kunlun State
Cylinder:Yadeke (Taiwan)
Ac contactor, intermediate relay, button switch, air switch:Schneider
Optoelectronic switch:Omron
Carton sizeL200-450 W150-400 H100-400mmMinimum:L260*W170*H150mm Maximum:L450*W350*H350mm
Work speed8-12 cases/min20-40 cases/min
Line height750±50mm750±50mm
Storage100 cartonsAbout 80 cartons
Belt width48/60 mm48/60 mm
Air supply6kg/cm³6kg/cm³
Gas consumption450NL/min450NL/min


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