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Automatic Carton Stitching Gluing Machine

Automatic Carton Stitching Gluing Machine

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Accurate suction and feed paper.
Fast carton forming speed.
Secondary indentation makes origami more accurate.
Good control of large and small ports to reduce waste.
Double correction, complete elimination of scissors serial port.
Good nail control to reduce waste.
Accurate count, strapping out of the heap accurate and neat.
The tapping part makes the carton ready.

Corrugating and die-cutting units belong to the middle and later stages of corrugated carton production line.

Its main function is to print out the corrugated board produced in the previous process, color the cardboard, and then make the cardboard into a form of easy folding,  stitching and bonding through two processes of grooving and die-cutting.

Raw materialsPapercard 210-800g , A/B/E corrugated
Maximum speed400 m/min
Point move speed10 m/min
Folding box thickness12 mm20 mm20 mm
Maximum output paper width650 mm800 mm1100 mm
Length x width x height13*1.4*1.8m16.5*1.4*1.8m16.5*1.7*1.9m
Weight5 T6 T7.2 T
Power22.5 kw25.5 kw29 kw
Compressed air6 bar6 bar6 bar
Air compressor energy10 m³/ h10 m³/ h10 m³/ h
Gas storage tank capacity60 L60 L60 L


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