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Painting Machine BO-500*2

Painting Machine BO-500*2

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1. The company's products are 360-degree high-speed rotating fuel injection, and the spraying speed is fast to ensure that the injection has no dead ends and save paint.

2. The company's products are 360-degree high-speed rotating fuel injection, which can perfectly spray and process any product. It has strong versatility and can spray difficult and complex workpieces.

3. Double oil grabs work at the same time spraying, which is 4 to 5 times that of manual oil spraying, which greatly improves the work efficiency. And save more than twice the paint on the basis of the original manual spraying.

4 The equipment of our company absorbs all the oil dust generated during fuel injection into the water through the "down-draft dust extraction technology", and then discharges it to the special collection net for centralized treatment. The whole machine is fully enclosed, and the operator cannot touch the paint or breathe any harmful gas. Ensure that the fuel injection operation is environmentally friendly without any pollution.

5. Spraying teaching function, can store tens of thousands of data.

6. The product has been researched and developed by more than 20 engineers for three years. After many tests, the machine has strong stability and long service life. Most of the internal core parts adopt the logo of some foreign suppliers (AirTAC Omron Tiandeshan Neiss Schneider). )

The chassis material is stainless steel.

7. Perfect after-sales, one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Professional after-sales team, providing spraying technical support.

3Applicable paintany liquid
6Machine size1400mm x 1400mm x 1950mm


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