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PVC/PE Coating Line

PVC/PE Coating Line

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Screw diameter 70mm, rate:1:25, material 38CrMoAla.
Screw rotary speed: 0-100turns/min.
Main motor power: 15kw.
Heating method: By casting aluminum heater, 0.3kw each, 4 sets total.
TCooling method: By fan, 60w each, 4 sets total.
Decelerator, low noise, hard surface.
Central line height: 1100mm.
Drawing machine: include cooling system [stainless steel tank, sprayer, 110w water pump], 5 sets of pulley, one sets of drawing ball, and one set of 1.5kw speeding motor.
Vacuum system: Include two vacuum tanks, vacuum pump, ball valve, vacuum gauge, inlet/outlet hose and 110w water pump.
Control cabinet: include extruder, drawing machine, vacuum pump and heater, etc.

The Plastic coating machine is used to do plastic coating on outer casing conduit. With automatic plastic granule feeding into material hopper, and screw thread conveyor into heating unit, melting and extruding out from coating mold to get finished coat on casing conduit.


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