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Automatic Outer Casing Cutting Machine

Automatic Outer Casing Cutting Machine

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Slow speed feeding when length is close to limit.
Fixed the feeding length by limit switch.
Quick adjustment and locking system. (Adjustment tolerance±5MM ).
The braking cylinder works to fix hose after getting feedback from limited switch, with the help of V shape clamp, the cutting section will be smooth without burr.
The grinding wheel is equipped with automatic detecting and compensation device controlled by PLC, to ensure the same distance between grinding wheel edge to hose.
The grinding wheel is equipped with hydraulic shock absorber to realize the low-speed cutting down and high-speed return up.
The hose feeding device was driven by servo motor and servo controller. The feeding process as follow: a) Fast speed pre-feeding at beginning.
The hose cutting machine is controlled by Omron PLC, and the cutting length, cutting quantity can be set by touch screen. Also have the emergency stop and alarm system for counting, material finish and fault, etc.

The outer casing auto cutting machine is used to cut the flexible hose into right size continuously, which is widely used for control cable production, such as brake cable, clutch cable, throttle wire, etc. Compare to traditional machine, the new generation one works automatically with higher accuracy and lower noise.

Work diameterUp to 8mmAbove 8mm
Cutting speed>650pcs/hour when length<2000mm
Max. Cutting length3500mm
Grinding wheel rotate speed>7000rpm
Motor power0.75kw+1.5kw1.5kw+2.2kw


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