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Armored Push-Pull Cable Making Machine

Armored Push-Pull Cable Making Machine

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The wire rope de-coiling device is equipped with auto alarm system and tension adjustment.
The wire rope bobbin is equipped with tension device, and speed adjustment to match up with winding speed.
Equipped with torque-control motor to keep constant pulling feeding force.
Automatic oil lubrication system for rotary swaging device.
Laser OD measurement for accurate size and auto alarm.
Pneumatic or liquid cleaning system will be optional.

The machine is used to make push-pull cable with stainless steel wire armor, mainly used for clutch cable, gear cable. And the main parts including: wire rope de-coiling device, stainless steel strip winding device, rotary swaging device, conveyor and the control system.

Work diameter2.0-3.5mm
Working speed>110m/hour
Stainless Steel Strip Size0.35 x 2.0m (can be customized)
Motor powerAbout 5.0KW
WeightAbout 1.8 Ton


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