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Automatic Horizontal Pillow Packaging Machine

Automatic Horizontal Pillow Packaging Machine

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Servo film transport system positioning standard, synchronous belt transport film, stable.
Automatic error correction function, save time and film, improve the adjustability and wake-up speed of the whole machine.
Added a variety of automatic alarm protection functions, which can reduce costs.
This machine is matched with a metering device to automatically complete product metering, feeding, filling, bag making, and date printing.
The whole process of processing (exhaust) and finished product transportation.

This machine can be installed with intermittent inflation device, alcohol spray device, mechanical gusset device and coding machine. Double frequency conversion control, stepless speed change, wide adjustment range. The light-sensitive electric eye can automatically and accurately track, and the sealing temperature can be controlled independently, which is suitable for a variety of packaging materials. Double servo simple mechanical structure, easier to maintain, long life.

Voltage220V 50Hz
Bag making length60mm-More
Bag making width50-160mm
Roll film diameterMax.350mm
Packing speed20-160/min
Machine size4020*720*1320mm
Machine weight500kg


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