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Riveting Press Machine

Riveting Press Machine

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Reduce operating costs.
Improve the work quality of employees.
Meet safety regulations.
Reduce waste of raw materials and increase yield.
Reduce investment costs.
Improve product quality and consistency.
Expand output 8. Enhance production flexibility.
Reduce personnel Mobility eases recruitment pressure.
Save noble time.

The riveting machine is a new type of riveting equipment developed based on the principle of cold rolling, which refers to mechanical equipment that can rivet objects together with rivets. It solves the problem that some sheet metal parts cannot be directly put on the ordinary slope type cast steel machinery for pressure riveting after bending.

Maximum load28T
travel distance155mm
Working voltage380v
C-shaped opening depth300mm
C-shaped opening height430mm
PLC/touch screenMitsubishi
Electrical componentsSchneider
Electrical componentsSMC
Maximum pressure20T
The fastest riveting speed3s/time


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