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Pneumatic Circular Saw Blade Pipe Cutting Machine

Pneumatic Circular Saw Blade Pipe Cutting Machine

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The cutting machine use the block-drive turbine vortex .
Small noise, small shock, without dust pollution, no thorns.
Tangent plane is fluent,good quality internal and external incisions.High priduction and precision of saw cutting.
Vertical slideway for advance and retreat blade up and down.
Cutting feed is steady and cutting tools are of long use life.
Cooling and lubricante system ensure the cutting surface and prolong the life of saw blades.
Advance of tool adopts manual mode, the cutting machine's head can rotate 45 degree left and right.

Pneumatic Circular Saw Blade Metal Steel Pipe Cutting Machine is equiped with pneumatic clamp, it has features of manual feeding and pneumatic cutting. Machine can be realized angle cutting which greatly increase the cutting feasibility. Good mechanical system ensures high cutting quality without burrs on tube internal and external. Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw blade. Each cold saw is covered by a one year parts warranty plus lifetime technical support. We keep many cold saw models in stock for quick shipments.

Main Specifications/Model315SARemarks
Blade position
90° (mm)45°(mm)1Manual feeding, automatic clamping, automatic cutting
(for example, iron pipe)Φ90Φ802Two-stage transmission method (one set of worm gear + one set of helical gear)



Φ38Φ25Not recommended for long-term use

38*3825*25Not recommended for long-term use
Main machine motor2.4/3.0Kw
Applicable saw bladeHigh speed steel saw blade
OD: 275/300
Cooling water pump40W
Use compressed air0.4-0.6MPa
Machine size650*800*1600
Machine weight280KG


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